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Toledo’s Trusted Epoxy Flooring Professionals

We are proud masters of all kinds of epoxy flooring systems. As leaders in the industry, we offer a wide range of color treatments, as well as our high-strength epoxy resins. For many years, we’ve built a solid reputation providing the very best service to commercial and residential customers in Toledo and surrounding areas. We ensure that our clients have a decorative alternative that is easy to clean, durable, and safe for basements, garages, as well as other new and old concrete substrate applications.

There’s only one company in Toledo, Ohio you can trust when it comes to epoxy flooring. Our operations are built on many years of experience that help us create a difference for customers. We are the one-stop solution for people who need premium epoxy coatings installations. We can service commercial facilities and have solutions designed to take care of high-traffic areas from people or vehicles.

We are also specialists in residential flooring and stop at nothing to create beautiful, durable results. We also offer concrete coatings and polishing, as well as decorative and metallic flooring, which have all become an excellent addition to business and homes in Toledo. You can trust us to deliver the best for all your epoxy needs.


Food & Beverage Flooring

The food and beverage industry requires sanitary industrial flooring conditions. We create epoxy flooring designs for clients in the food industry. Our epoxy solutions can withstand bacterial attacks, tough cleaning, wash downs, and thermal shocks. We provide floors that are slip-resistant even in wet conditions, sanitary, and safe. We assist clients by delivering flooring solutions that keep them in operation while minimizing downtime.

• Processing Areas • Packaging Areas • Freezers and Refrigeration • Charging Stations


We install high-performance aviation epoxy flooring with superb aesthetics for both renovation and new applications. We offer industrial epoxy floor coatings that can be applied in various hangar and aerospace areas. Our epoxy floor options are stain-resistant against hot rubber tires and slip-resistant to ensure the safety of workers. Our industrial floor coatings are designed to keep concrete flooring safe from the hazards that come with lubricants, aviation fuel, and harmful chemicals. The floors can handle weight from all kinds of hangar equipment and large aircraft.

• Private aircraft hangar flooring • Military installation hangar flooring • Helicopter Hangar flooring • Corporate aircraft hangar flooring • Aircraft hangar floor coatings


Leave it to us to create epoxy coatings for all kinds of manufacturing and industrial environments. When industrial epoxy floors have easy to clean properties, safety promoting textures, and differentiating colors, they can transform your workspace into a more productive and attractive environment. Our clients in the manufacturing and industrial sectors deserve epoxy floors that can withstand all kinds of foot and wheeled traffic, chemicals and greases, harmful oils, the impact of significant weight, and heavy machinery.

Workshops • Manufacturing Plants • Loading Bays • Backrooms • Assembly Floors • Distribution Centers

Healthcare Flooring

Toledo epoxy flooring experts provide flooring systems designed to comply with the standards and demands of the healthcare industry. We deliver seamless epoxy flooring systems, as well as wall products, in a wide range of healthcare environments. All medical flooring created by our specialists is resistant to chipping, easy to clean and maintain, and durable.

• Doctor’s offices • Sterile rooms • Patient room flooring • Operating room flooring • Mechanical rooms • Healthcare clinics • Medical building corridors • Hospital kitchens


One problem we’ve noticed in the shower areas, locker rooms, hallways, and cafeterias of many universities and schools is their existing flooring. As floors start to age, the task of cleaning becomes even more difficult, making it hard to get rid of yellowing and staining. As epoxy coating pros, we create beautiful flooring systems for all kinds of school projects. We ensure that floors created for local rooms, as well as labs and hallways, are durable and slip-resistant. We can also include mascots and school colors. We design cafeteria flooring systems for superior cleaning and easy maintenance. Carpet and vinyl may be appealing but our seamless floors surpass those because our floors won’t stain like carpeting or tile grout. We can include details like directional signs and patterns along with bold graphics.

• Cafeterias • Hallways • Locker rooms • Shower areas • Offices • Labs


The surfaces of floors in pharmaceutical facilities need to be extremely sanitary while offering easy maintenance and cleaning. As Toledo epoxy flooring experts, we provide premium industrial flooring solutions just for labs and facilities in the pharmaceutical sector. We create urethane and epoxy concrete flooring systems, as well as heavy-duty Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) solutions. The pharmaceutical industry has continued to benefit from the desirable characteristics offered by our MMA flooring options. These advantages include LEED compliance, excellent durability, anti-microbial, UV stable, easy maintenance and cleaning, chemical resistance, and quick curing (within 60 minutes).

Animal Facilities

We know that every facility for animal care has special flooring requirements. The desirable qualities expected for all facilities dedicated to animal research and animal health include urine resistance, non-absorbent, resistance to abrasion, easy cleaning and maintenance, non-slip, seamless, level, and smooth. Get in touch with us at Epoxy Flooring Toledo for highly durable epoxy floor solutions for animal care facilities.

• Dog Pounds • Animal Research • Animal Shelters • Dog Kennels • Veterinarians/ Veterinary Hospitals • Zoos • Animal Hospitals • Pet Retailers • Breeders • Animal Control Facilities

 Other Industries

Our customers trust our leadership and expertise in the epoxy floor market. We’ve observed what used to be seen as just another industrial product evolve into something phenomenal. Thanks to the application of new installation techniques and technology, Epoxy Flooring Toledo has created epoxy floor systems that we can apply in a wide range of scenarios. Leave it to us to meet your flooring system demands as specialists in epoxy coatings. We will partner with you to create flooring solutions that last longer than you expect. We have products that work for clients from various industries whether you need durable, decorative, or chemical-resistant flooring solutions.

• Car Dealerships • Office Buildings • Photo Booths • Parking Decks • Retail • Religious Centers • Sports Venues


Apart from giving you unmatched durability, our epoxy coatings are designed to protect and seal all concrete surfaces. They can resist grease and moisture, as well as chemicals and stains. Areas that experience high foot and vehicular traffic will continue to look new even after decades. From workshops and garages to any other location you can think of, these finishes give you beautiful floors that can withstand harsh conditions.

Apart from simple cleaning, you do not have to spend so much to maintain our epoxy coating. The only way to get amazing results is to hire a concrete coatings expert with the experience and in-depth knowledge necessary to deliver successful projects.

Don’t make the mistake of going with DIY products that you find everywhere on the market today. This will only end in disappointments. Avoid contracting your flooring jobs to inexperienced handymen or just anyone that claims to be an expert. They do not have access to the premium products that we offer and will only rip you off, leaving your floors looking unsightly.


At Epoxy Flooring Toledo, we leave our customers with nothing but satisfaction. That’s because our epoxy flooring solutions offer amazing benefits.

  • Enhances and strengthens surfaces
  • Adds resale value to your property
  • Safer, slip-resistant texture
  • Professional appearance
  • Seals and secures surfaces
  • Increases the aesthetic value of surface
  • Resistant to automotive and household chemicals
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 24-month warranty against peeling and flaking
  • Best for commercial and industrial applications
  • Comes in different colors and styles

We guarantee hard, durable, and abrasion-resistant solutions for clients in Toledo and surrounding areas. Our epoxy floors come with high-impact sturdiness to ensure that our coatings last for decades. Of course, the lifetime of the flooring systems we create depends on the situation. Different factors come into play to determine longevity such as foot traffic.

On average, epoxy flooring for commercial and industrial settings can last between 5 and 10 years or even more. That’s because they experience foot and vehicular traffic, as well as accidents and spills, in higher frequencies. But residential epoxy floors can last up to three decades even with less intensive maintenance. Our metallic epoxy coating can even serve you for a lifetime.


Our Team and Work Ethic

At Epoxy Flooring Toledo, we have highly trained epoxy flooring installers who have built a track record of commercial credibility and experience. We make use of only state-of-the-art tools to guarantee a successful installation every time.

We work around the clock and can handle installations regardless of the weather or season. We are not generalists – We are professional specialists in epoxy flooring tech and application.

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We deliver specially selected systems to make sure they bond perfectly to your concrete. We guarantee zero threats from heat, water, bacteria, and chemicals. Get in touch with us and an expert project manager will set up a free, no-obligation consultation to analyze and ascertain what’s best for your project.

We provide some of the most beautiful metallic epoxy floor coatings and solids epoxy in the Toledo area. Our dynamic and high-sheen metallic floor paints come in a wide variety of colors and textures. They consist of metal shavings and pigment fillers that are then covered in a clear urethane coating. The result is incredibly lustrous and refined. Whether you’re looking for a reflective and eye-pleasing surface for your home garage or commercial store, our Orlando metallic epoxy is irresistible.

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